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What's new ?

Konq-Rellinks is now officialy integrated in KDE. The maintainers are the person of the KDE team. So this website will not be synchronised with the current version. See KDE changelog for rellinks evolution.
IMPORTANT : Regarding the fact that I, Shift, don't get so much time to work on this plugin regularly
and my poor knowledge on KDE development, we are looking for a new maintainer.
If you want to be him then contact-us.
Anders Lund, the original author of "rellinks" has posted an article about "link" tags in his blog.
I, Shift, totally agree with his enthusiasm about the use of "link" elements and I thank him to promote it throw his blog.
He also give his opinion about the way his baby, "rellinks", has evolved in ours hands : I don't agree with what the developer who picked it up did to the plugin (hide the actual titles and shows buttons for unexisting links).
First, there are two developers and I invited him to join us or to continue working on his version. If you want to join us again, it will be a very good news :)

Second, titles show up by means of tooltips.
Third, I invite him to navigate throw the differents sites he tested with his first version of "rellinks", the menu version (Dissapeared from the web but I get it if somebody wants it). I suppose that the navigation will be less easy than with a full toolbar, won't it ?
Moreover the buttons with unexisting links are here because it is more ergonomic for the user that the more often used buttons are always at the same place. If buttons appears and dissapears regarding the web site, the user will be disturbed.
Look at the real navigation buttons of a browser. There are always here even if they are not needed. It is my answer to his phrase because I don't get an mail when I register to his blog. Anders can you let me wrote in your blog ? :)
What do you (rellinks users) think about this ? (Send us an e-mail).
Thanks again Anders for the first version of rellinks and for the promotion of "link" elements. You are in the AUTHOR file not only because of the GPL but because you initiated this fabulous plugin. Thanks.


KDE CVS-Digest is talking about Rellinks.
Well ... hum ... Yes, I made a stupid mistake in the code. Sorry for this. Now you understand why I, Shift, asked for help ;)
Nobody has seen this mistake before so it shows us that kcachegrind is a good tool (How to find good points in a bad situations). Sorry, sorry, sorry ! And thank you Allan.

Lᅵ-linux, a famous french site about Linux has published an article about rellinks plugin.
Kevin has just patch rellinks on KDE CVS to solve the positionning bugs. More informations are in the Changelog file.
Rellinks will be included in the KDE 3.3 branch. See the features plan of KDE 3.3 and the new CVS location of rellinks.
Version 0.4.1 is out and announced on kde-apps.org.

I added a Wiki to allow interested persons to add comments about Konq Rellinks.

Version 0.4 is out and announced on kde-apps.org
New section in this website, "Development". Here you will found what Konq Rellinks support, will support, won't support, badly support :)
The website has been updated. A documentation and a test cases sections have been created. And moreover, this site now use "link" tags \o/
Kevin has import Konq Rellinks in the KDE CVS under kdenonbeta/rellinks
Similar project, SiteLinks announced in kde-apps.org by Krake, Kevin Krammer.
We have decided to work together and merge our projects.
"Rellinks" will be the official name of the plugin and "Konq Rellinks" the name used to communicated about it :)
Konq Rellinks announced in kde-apps.org

What's that ?

Konq Rellinks is an add-on for Konqueror, the official KDE browser.

It allows you to access the relations defined in the header of the document.
These relations can be links to other versions of the document, RSS backend, search page, copyright informations,....
For more informations about this, see The 'link'-Element in (X)HTML .

The look of the Rellinks add-on is similar to the "Site Navigation Toolbar" of the Mozilla browser (not Mozilla Firebird).

What does it look like ?

It is a toolbar with the current relations (navigation, document ones,...). You can show or hide this toolbar or configure it to appear when necessary (if relation links exist in the document).

Screenshots of 0.3 Version :

What about the license ?

This add-on is published under the terms of the General Public License V2 (GPL).

What about the authors ?

The initial author is Anders Lund (Works on Kate now) who created "rellinks". It was a menu to access relation links of the document but nothing moved in the project for more than a year.

I, Shift, decided to fork in summer 2003 by creating "konq-rellinks". I asked Anders to work with me but nothing happened except an interesting conversation about the name of the plugin : "Rellinks" vs. "SiteNavBar". "Rellinks" won :)

Kevin joined me in January 2004 to work on this addon after realizing that we had made the same kind of Konqueror addon (Konq Rellinks and SiteLinks).

So the authors are :
Franck Quélain (Shift), France
Kevin Krammer (krake), Austria

For the roles of each other, nothing has been really defined.
Kevin is probably a best KDE/Qt/C++ programmer than me so he will review my code :)
For the website, I am the only one who updates it (But Kevin has the keys ;)
For the rest, the most motivated.

Where can I get it ?

Version CVS : The crashy buggy version
Version 0.4.1 : The revival ;)
Version 0.4 : The merged

IMPORTANT : If you installed the previous version by hand, you need to uninstall it with make uninstall of
version 0.3 or you will have two rellinks toolbars.

Version 0.3 : First really usable version

Where can I send feedback ?

For bug reports, advices, help, wishes, email-us