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What's that ?

Here is my Web laboratory page where I test some web stuffs.

My tests

Canvas element

Canvas is a new HTML tag introduce by Apple and accepted by the WhatWG.
It is supported by Safari 2.0 and Firefox 1.5, Deer Park.

The Sierpinski triangle [What you will see].
The famous Sierpinski triangle created using canvas.
The Fractal Cross [What you will see].
A fractal cross.
The Flag [What you will see].
A sort of flag :)
A colored fractal [What you will see].
A colored fractal.
3D wireframe curves [What you will see].
Trace 3D wireframe curves from a formula and parameters (ranges, view angles,...).
3D facets curves [What you will see].
Trace 3D curves with facets from a formula and parameters (ranges, view angles,...). [Other example].
This is just a proof of concept : with some points of view the facets are badly rendered :)

Google Chrome Picture-in-Picture attack

I opened an issue for a security problem found in Chromium (aka Google Chrome). This issue is private as every security ones but I think I can talk about it as Chromium is not the only browser having this problem and as this problem is not so dangerous.

The problem is a picture-in-picture attack: The "Authentication Required" popup is easily imitable using DHTML. I have created a demonstration of this attack(to test using Google Chrome or Chromium browser).